As I come across interesting resources on the internet and elsewhere I will be publishing the information here. Stay tuned for future updates! The list below is in no particular order. Last updated: 23 May 2013.

Escape the Ivory Tower: Loads of useful resources on leaving academia. A must-read.

The Professor Is In: No-nonesense advice on why ‘It’s ok to quit’. Great blog full of useful advice both for those wanting to stay in academia and people like me ready to make the move.

Jobs on Toast: Positive and practical support for PhD careers outside academia.

From PhD to Life: History PhD graduate reflecting on her varied experiences within and without the academy.

What Are All the PhDs?: Sharing the career path of all PhDs.

Leaving Academia: JC’s blog on ‘from grad school to happiness’.

Professor Never: An ex-academic alive in the real world.

Project Reinvention: English Literature PhD graduate currently working in educational publishing.


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