Bye Bye Academia says: 

I also lived with many ‘shoulds’ during my PhD. I still live with them: I should publish more, I should read more on the latest research, I SHOULD STAY IN ACADEMIA.

Time to change my mentality: I need to start focusing on all the amazing skills and experiences I gained during the PhD process and how useful these will be in helping me get the post-ac job I so much desire. Bye, bye, ‘shoulds’!


2 thoughts on “Should – A Reblogged Post by Jennifer Polk (From PhD to Life)

  1. Thank you, Kathleen!

    I’m glad I started this blog so I can share this journey with others and hear from people like you. I never realised there were so many postacs out there! I guess that’s the trouble with working in academia: the ivory tower is so tall that we are no longer able to see there is a real world out there full of exciting and stimulating job opportunities for us PhDs.

    Look forward to reading your blog!

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